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Month: October 2016

Dax 30 index keeps on ranging

This week I would like to check the monthly Dax graph to get a different perspectiveof the market. Last week the index continue is ranging movement and closed on Friday at 10580.

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Gold falling in free style

This week gold was under the spotlight as the other precious metals. As expected, the price have tested and smashed the lower channel, ; however the slide had a much stronger magnitude as what we forecasted. The area in the 1270’s didn t give much of a support, and gold kept on sliding under the 200 MA and even broke the 1250 level. On Friday then a few buyers took it back over 1250 dollars per ounce. The pressure on gold is still there and I am not a hundred percent sure the price is going up from here....

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DAX and Deutsche Bank

Before getting the technical, I think it is important to spend a few sentences on Deutsche Bank and its importance for the index. The German bank has lost nearly 50 percent of its face value from the beginning of year closing, for the first time ever, under the 10 euros mark last week. The raise was propelled by a rumor (so an uncorfirmed news) of a cut in the efty 14 billions dollars the Dep of Justice of the USA is asking. This was all it needed for the index to rebound from the 10200 levels to the 10600....

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Gold set to test lower channel

Gold missed completely our earlier expectation and starting sliding toward dangerous levels. It broke shortly the trend line before recovering to the 1315 level who provides a good short term support. On the other side bears are starting to get in control and we forecast, in the short term, a further drop to the 0.39 Fibonacci at 1307 which correspond to the support given to the 100 MA. If this support fails, we think that the price will correct up to the buy zone, that we consider safe to open long positions, and where the 200 MA is a...

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Dax bulls resisting mounting pressure from bears

This week the Dax was on a roller coaster with volatility increase due ot the banking sector and in particular the Deutsche Bank situation that is keeping investor on their toes. Graphically the index broke our famous trend line is several occasions finding support and rebounding thanks to the 100 MA. On Friday this strong support failed and DAX even touched and broke the 200 days MA. to get around the 10180 level were it began it climb, thanks also to rumors on a partial solution to DB problems. The Index ended positive, reentering in the bullish trend but...

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